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Myth 1 DSL service can access the Internet as fast as cable.
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What’s the best choice for high-speed Internet service?
So you’re ready to upgrade from dial-up to high-speed Internet. Or, you’re considering ditching your DSL for another service provider. Read on to get the facts concerning the Internet technologies available today.

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The facts

Cable is faster than DSL. Let’s compare typical speed ranges:

Download Speed* Upload Speed *
DSL up to 7 Mbps up to 1 Mbps
Cable up to 15 Mbps up to 2 Mbps

Many homes and offices cannot get the higher speed DSL because they are located too far from the telephone company’s central office. DSL circuits cannot maintain high-bandwidth connections past relatively short distances (such as 18,000 feet). In contrast, cable technology provides all customers equal access to high-speed services.

Of course, service levels depend on the specific Internet package selected by the customer, the specific cable company’s offerings and whether the access is for residential or commercial use. Overall, cable Internet subscribers can rest assured that cable has more bandwidth available than DSL.

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*Based on published speeds for August 2005

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