Calling Features & Services

The following features are available either on a per-use (where asterisked) or on a monthly subscription basis with Cox Digital Telephone. Please click on any individual feature listed below for a more complete description, benefits and instructions on how it works.


Call Waiting-You'll know when another caller is trying to reach you

Call Waiting ID-Combines Caller ID and Call Waiting

Call Forwarding on Call Waiting-Sends unanswered call waiting calls to voice mail

Three-Way Calling-Talk with two people in different places-at the same time

Busy Line Redial*-Get through to busy numbers as soon as they're free

Speed Calling-Quickly dial eight of your most frequently called numbers

Voice Mail-Let Voice Mail answer your phone any time

Call Forwarding-Let your calls follow you to another number

Call Forwarding Remote Access-From any location-turn on, turn off, or change your forwarding number

Selective Call Forwarding-Decide which callers should follow you to another number

Call Forwarding Busy-When your line is busy, your callers can reach someone else

Call Forwarding No Answer-Whenever you can't answer, forward your calls to someone who can

Caller ID-See who's calling before you answer the phone

Call Return*-Easily dial your last caller-even if you didn't answer

Selective Call Acceptance-Decide which calls you'll take

Selective Call Rejection -Don't let unwanted calls disturb you

Priority Ringing-You'll know when someone special is calling

Long Distance Alert-Lets you identify incoming long-distance calls

Call Trace*-Identify harassing callers

*Available on a per-use basis. Nominal per-use charges apply.

Caller ID Per-Call Blocking-Block your number call by call, from being displayed to others

Caller ID Per-Line Blocking-Block your number from being displayed to others for every call you make

Toll Restriction-Restricts long-distance calls being made from your home

900 and 976 Number Blocking-Restricts calls to 900 and 976 numbers from being made from your home

Anonymous Call Rejection-Refuse calls from those who have blocked their numbers

The Cox Digital Telephone User Guide explains our digital telephone service in detail, and answers many of the questions you may have. In addition, it describes many of the various time-saving features that are available with Cox Digital Telephone services.

Even the best technology is only as good as the people behind it. With Cox you'll enjoy award-winning customer service from the best people in the industry. We know how important your telephone is to you. You expect it to work every time you lift the receiver, and we're on the job 24 hours a day to make sure it does. You can take Cox Digital Telephone service for granted, because we never take you for granted.