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Internet and Advanced TV: Bett

Internet & TV: Better Together

With Cox TV and Cox High Speed Internet, TV is everywhere. Take advantage of a pairing that works together.

What's So Hot

Break Free From Your TV

Break Free From Your TV

Watch live or On DEMAND shows from anywhere with Cox mobile apps, included with your Advanced TV subscription.

Video Tech Tips

Video Tech Tips: Parental Cont

Video Tech Tips: Parental Controls

Parental Controls are designed to help parents manage their children’s TV viewing time.

Your Cox Services

Customize Your Phone with Phon

Customize Phone with Phone Tools

Phone Tools lets you manage your home phone service from the Internet.

Data Usage

Measuring Data

Measuring Data

The amount of data you use is based on your online activities - not the amount of time you spend online.

User Stories

Keeping In Touch

Video: Keeping In Touch

Find out how one family uses services to stay in touch with each other and the world.

Did You Know

No More Waiting with On DEMAND

No More Waiting with On DEMAND

You wait in line at the grocery store. You wait in traffic. You wait in line at the movies.Wait! Why wait for movies?

Staying Connected

Equipment Upgrades

Equipment Upgrades

Using older equipment for your Internet can slow you down, upgrade with Cox for the fastest speed and best performance.