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About EPIX for Android Mobile Devices

Last Updated: Wed, 02 Jul 2014 > Related Articles

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Epix is now available on Android mobile devices. Learn about what content is available, how to download, and use the EPIX Android App.


EPIX App Features


EPIX for Android allows EPIX TV subscribers to enjoy movies and original programs on-the-go. With the EPIX app you can:

  • Access hundreds of EPIX movies streaming with any Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G Internet connection
  • Search or browse for movies and original programs
  • Explore movie trailers & extras, red carpet interviews, and behind-the-scenes clips
  • Sync Your Queue online and with the EPIX for Android app
  • Share Facebook and Twitter updates directly from EPIX for Android

Compatible Android Devices


EPIX for Android works on any Android 2.1 mobile device or later. For full list of supported devices by manufacturer, see the Supported Devices table below. 


The EPIX for Android user interface is currently optimized for mobile phone devices; however, full-length movies and original programs will play full-screen on Android tablets.


Download and Use EPIX


  1. On a compatible Android device, go to the Android Market by launching the Market app.
  2. Search or browse for EPIX.
  3. Tap the FREE button under Install.
  4. Accept any permissions and tap OK.

    Note: To watch movies and shows, you must authorize your Android device. See instructions below.

Authorize an Android Device


If you are a Cox TV customer who subscribes to EPIX, you will need your Cox user ID and password to authorize your device. (Primary Account Holders and Authorized Users can use the EPIX app.) 

To authorize and use the app, follow the steps below. 

  1. Browse movies alphabetically or by genre or search to find what to watch.
  2. Tap Watch Now to set-up the device and watch movies.
    The Get Access screen displays prompting you to enter a six-digit authorization code. For device authorization,you can open a new Internet browser on the device, access a computer, or any Internet enable device and go to epixhd.com/watchnow.
  3. On the device or a computer, sign in at epixhd.com/watchnow using your Cox User ID and Password as your TV Service Provider credentials.
  4. Select the type of device under Authorize a New Device for a code.
  5. Enter the unique six-digit code on the Get Access screen of the device.
Known Technical Issue
If you are an EPIX subscriber that has never signed in online at epixhd.com and you successfully sign in for the first time on the EPIX App, the ability to play full-length movies or original shows may be restricted. This is a known issue and EPIX is working to resolve it as soon as possible. In the meantime, simply sign in at epixhd.com with your Cox user ID and password, then sign out at epixhd.com. Sign back in on the EPIX App, and this should remove the restriction and enable playback.




Is there a cost to access EPIX for Android?

Access to EPIX for Android is free to everyone and allows users to watch all EPIX movie trailers, extras, and interviews, view movie stills, and read synopses of featured movies. Watching full-length movies and original programs requires an authenticated subscription to EPIX from Cox. A one-time 14-day free trial is available to non-subscribers.

What kind of Internet connection is required to watch EPIX programming?

Android devices just need any Internet connection via WiFi, 3G, or 4G Internet connectivity. The connection must be from within the U.S. or territories. EPIX will automatically stream at the highest possible viewing quality based on the connection speed for playback with virtually no buffering. A minimum speed of 575Kbps is required to seamlessly view video.

If I am traveling outside of the U.S., can I still watch movies with EPIX for Android?

EPIX is only available within the U.S. and territories. Watching movie and original programs is disabled outside of this available area both online and through Android devices.

Can a subscriber download a movie to an Android device for playback when an Internet connection is not available—like on an airplane?

EPIX movies and original programs are available to stream instantly to a computer or Android device. EPIX does not offer a download option at this time.

If I create a Queue online at EpixHD.com, is it available on the EPIX app?

Your Queue is automatically updated online and on Android devices. All changes to a queue are seamlessly made between the online account and the EPIX for Android app.

How do the updates to Facebook and Twitter work from the EPIX app?

Easy updates to your Facebook and Twitter accounts let you post or tweet about what you’re watching or share a picture from your favorite movie directly from within the EPIX app.

How do I watch movies via EPIX for Android?

To watch movies and original programs, chose a movie or show and select the Watch Now button. The first time the device is used to watch a movie or original program, you will be asked to enter a device authorization code on the Get Access screen. To get a device authorization code, you must sign in as an authenticated EPIX TV subscriber using your Cox User ID and Password at epixhd.com/watchnow either from the Android device or any computer. After the device authorization set-up, movies will start instantly when Watch Now is selected.

Do I need to authorize the Android device every time I want to watch a movie or original program?

After the device authorization set-up, movies and original programs should start instantly when Watch Now is selected within EPIX for Android if you have signed in online within 30 days.

How do  I manage devices or de-authorize a device?

Devices can be managed through EpixHD.com by clicking on the Me link at the top of the page and selecting the Devices tab located just below the Recommended For You section. The Me link is visible only after signing in to the site. From here, a new device can be authorized, or devices no longer in use can be de-authorized.

How many devices can be authorized by each EPIX TV subscription?

An authenticated EPIX TV subscription can have up to five active devices authorized to watch movies and original programs.

What should I do if I see the Get Access screen with the prompt to enter a 6-digit code after they’ve already authorized the device?

Just simply re-authorize your device by entering a new device authorization code following these three steps.

  1. Sign in at epixhd.com/watchnow using your Cox User ID and Password for the TV Service Provider credentials, or EPIX Free Trial account email and password, directly from the Android device or any computer. 
  2. Select the type of device under Authorize a New Device to get a unique six-digit device authorization code. 
  3. Enter the code on your device and start watching movies and original programs.

How do I find out about my TV Service Provider credentials for signing in at epixhd.com/watchnow?

 If you don’t have your Cox Primary Account Holder User ID, which is your email address, and  your password, you can call Cox Communications Customer Support  24 hours day 7 days a week.

How can I get help with authorizing an Android device or resolving issues with watching a movie or original program?

Most questions can be quickly answered by referring to the EPIX Frequently Asked Questions page at http://corp.epixhd.com/faq/. If the problem is not addressed or recommendations do not resolve the issue, you can email info@epixhd.com for help within 48 hours.

Why is the device authorization code not working?

The device code must be entered on the Get Access screen of the device within one hour. If it has not been used within this one hour period, a new device authorization code must be requested by going to the Devices tab located just below the Recommended For You section of the Me page. The Me link is visible on the homepage only after signing in at EpixHD.com.


Supported Devices

The table below provides a list of supported Android devices.

ArchosArchos 101 Tablet
ASUSAsus Eee Pad TF101
CasioC771 (Commando)
FoxconnBarnes and Noble BNRV200RB (Nook Color)
HTC6200VW (Eris)
A6366 (Aria)
ADR6300 (Incredible)
ADR6350 (Incredible 2)
ADR6400LVW (Thunderbolt)
DROID Desire
Droid Incredible ADR 6300
G2 Touch
Inspire 4G
MyTouch 3G Slide
MyTouch 4G
MyTouch 4G Slide
Nexus One
Nexus S 4g
PC36100 (EVO 4G)
PG06100 (EVO Shift 4G)
PG86100 (EVO 3D)
Sensation 4G
Storm 2
Wildfire S
M860 (Ascend)
KyoceraM9300 (Echo)
Milano C1520
LGLG LS670 (Optimus S)
LG P509 (Optimus T)
LG P925 4G (Thrill)
LG Quantum
LG VS660 (Vortex)
LG VS740 (Ally, Apex, Axis)
P505 (Phoenix)
V909 (G-Slate)
VS910 (Revolution)
MotorolaA555 (Devour)
A855 (Droid)
A955 (Droid 2)
Droid  Bionic
Droid Razr
MB200 (Cliq)
MB300 (Backflip)
MB501 (Cliq XT)
MB502 (Charm)
MB525 (Defy)
MB612 (XPRT)
MB810 (Droid X)
MB855 (Photon)
MB860 (Atrix)
MB870 (Droid X2)
MZ617 (Droid Xyboard)
WX445 (Citrus)
Xoom Tablet
Xoom Tablet
xt603 Admiral
XT610 (Droid Pro)
XT862 (Droid 3)
XT912 Droid Razr Maxx
PantechADR8995 (Breakout)
P8000 (Crossover)
QuantaKindle Fire
SamsungCaptivate a Galaxy S phone
D600 (Conquer 4G)
D700 (Epic 4G)
D710 (Epic 4G)
Galaxy Nexus
Galaxy Tab (SCH-I905)
GT-P7510 (Galaxy Tab 10.1)
I100 (Gem)
I400 (Continuum)
I500 (Fascinate)
I510 (Droid Charge)
i897 (Captivate)
I997 (Infuse 4G)
M900 (Moment)
M910 (Intercept)
Nexus S
SCH-i110 (Illusion)
T839 (Sidekick 4G)
T939 (Behold II)
T959 (Galaxy S Vibrant)
Sony Ericcson


R800x (Xperia Play)


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