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Saving and Finding Your Cart FAQs

Last Updated: Mon, 09 Feb 2015 > Related Articles

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Get answers to questions about saving and finding your cart when ordering online.


Saving and finding your cart online makes shopping for Cox services even easier and these FAQs will help you find answers to common questions.


Why am I seeing two carts?

If you put an item in your cart, then open another cart you previously saved, you may see duplicate carts. Select the cart you want to complete by clicking Keep or Replace.

Why did my saved cart expire?

If you see a message saying your cart has expired, one of two things has happened: either your cart was idle for more than 15 days, or the offers in your cart are no longer available.

Why is the price of the offer in my cart different than the cart I saved?

The price of the offer in your cart may change if a promotion has expired since you last saved it. You will receive a notification when you try to find your cart.

Why is the system asking me to log in to find my cart?

If you were signed in when the cart was saved, then you must sign in before you can find the cart.

I already see my offers in the cart when I return to the website so why do I need to save?

If you return to Cox.com using the same browser and have not cleared your browsing history, we will remember and retain the last items that were in your cart. If you would like to find the cart on a different browser or device, you must click Save Cart for Later and enter your email address.

Can I find this cart on multiple devices?

Yes, as long as you have the email address used when saving the cart, it can be found on any computer or mobile device.

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