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About the Internet Speed Check Tool

Last Updated: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 > Related Articles

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The Internet Speed Check tool tests your Internet connection speed.


The Internet Speed Check tool provides a speed test that measures downloads, uploads, and latency on the Cox network. The tool is designed to test speeds when connected to the Cox network. Although the Speed Check tool works off the Cox network, the results aren't indicative of Cox network speeds and should be avoided.

Internet Speed Check is accessible through Internet Tools and is available to all Account Holders and Authorized Users. Refer to Accessing the Internet Speed Check Tool for more details.

Understanding Results
Users of the Internet Speed Check tool will obtain different results based on their tier of Cox High Speed Internet service, the type of Internet device or computer running the test, the network equipment such as a cable modem, router, or switch, and the type of connection, wired or wireless, that is used.

Because the Internet Speed Check tool can also be used off the Cox network while using a 3G, 4G, or HotSpot connection, the location of where the test runs can also impact the results.

You can also view the Speeds and Data Plans Information to see your limits and allowances for your particular package.

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