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Setting Up Reminders and Notifications in Voice Mail

Last Updated: Mon, 25 Jul 2011 > Related Articles

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Use this article for instructions on how to set up Cox Digital Telelphone service to send you a reminder of important events.


With Cox Digital Telephone, you can schedule the phone to call or email you with important information.

Reminders: These are pre-record messages that you can send to your home phone at specific times during the day. They can be used to for:

  • Appointments
  • Time to wake up
  • Birthdays, anniversaries, medicines

Notifications: These are system voice prompts that are sent to your cell phone, page, or email address when a voicemail arrives in your mailbox. Note: For long-distance calls, standard Cox long-distance pricing may apply and appear on your Cox billing statement. Notifications can be set up to work:

  • Any time a voice mail arrives in your mailbox 
  • Only if voicemail arrives when you're at work, on vacation, or during the weekend
  • Only if voicemail arrives with an urgent or normal stamp

To set up Reminders, press 71 from the main menu. Then press:

  • 11 to schedule and record a one-time reminder
  • 12 to schedule and record a daily (weekly, weekend) reminder
  • 2 to edit an existing reminder

To set up Notifications that at voicemail arrived, press 44 from the main menu. Then press:

  • 12 to  have the phone to call you.. (For long-distance calls, standard Cox long-distance pricing may apply and appear on your Cox billing statement.)
  • 13 to schedule the phone to call your pager
  • 15 to schedule the phone to email you (from Phone Tools or the Home Phone app, enter your email address)
See Using Voice Mail Personal Options for more ways to review outgoing reminders or select mailbox notification settings.

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