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TV Support

Having problems with your TV signal or Picture? Did you know that most TV issues can be solved by using our in-home reset tool? Just sign-in, click the Reset button, and get back to watching the show. >> Reset My Cable Box

How To

From getting started to getting technical, How To gives you step-by-step solutions.

Top Articles

  1. Setting Up Your Cable Box Learn to set up a basic cable box connection to a standard TV, HDTV, or HDTV with HDMI.
  2. Using Cox On DEMAND  Learn how to use On DEMAND to order movies and events, locate purchases on your bill, find and view previews, and resume viewing a ...
  3. Using Parental Controls Learn to use Parental Controls to block programs by channel, rating, or time of day.


Problems with your picture? We'll help you clear things up with common troubleshooting tips.

Top Articles

  1. Quick Fixes for TV Picture Problems Black screen, blue screen, snow or tiling? Learn quick troubleshooting steps for your TV picture problem.
  2. Quick Fixes for Audio Problems Learn about possible causes and how to resolve common audio related problems.
  3. Remote Control Will Not Work Learn about quick fixes for remote controls that do not work.

Helpful Info

"How do I make my HD more amazing?" This and other helpful TV questions answered here.

Top Articles

  1. Programming Your Cox Remote Control Learn helpful information about programming and using your Cox remote control.

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