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Use Remote DVR Scheduling From a Computer

Last Updated: Fri, 29 Aug 2014 > Related Articles

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Learn to use the remote DVR Scheduling from a computer.


Learn to use the Remote DVR Scheduler on your computer.

Before you attempt to use remote DVR scheduling, you must:

  • Have a valid Cox.net email address
  • Have Cox DVR service
  • Have a data-capable wireless phone
  • Subscribe to data service through any wireless provider
  1. Visit cox.com/mydvr and enter User ID and Password, then click the Sign Me In button.

    highlights Sign Me In

    Result: The TV Listings BETA page displays where you can view and search TV listings, and schedule recordings.

View Listings


The following options are available to navigate through the TV Listings guide.

  • To view listings for a specific date or time, from the date and time drop-down boxes, select a date and / or time.
  • To view listings for additional channels, click the Previous Channels or Next Channels buttons.
  • To view listings for a specific channel, in the Go to Channel field, enter the specific channel number or select a channel from the Jump to channel drop-down box.
  • To view listings by category, such as Movies, Kids, Sports, or HD, click a Filter by option link.
  • Click a listing to display the Program Details which includes:
    • The program title
    • A brief description of the program (if available)
    • The date and time the program is scheduled to air
    • The program’s rating and run time
    • The name of the Station or network on which the program can be seen
    • The Channel number of the station or network
  • Click the More Details and Airings link to expand the page to display additional information about the program including actors, other credits and any future airings of the episode.

Search Listings


The Search Listings function allows you to search for programs by keyword. The search will return any programs that contain a keyword in the title or program description.

To search for a program, in the Search TV Listings field, enter one or more keywords that may be found in the title or program description, then click the Find It button.

Result: The Search Results page displays

Schedule a Recording


  1. To schedule a recording, select the program, then click the Record to my Cox DVR button.

    Result: The Recording Options page displays. The recording options area of the page displays the time, channel, receiver, and priority and includes drop down options for Record if Possible and Definitely Record.

    The Record if Possible option allows the recording to proceed if no other programming is scheduled for that time and date while the Definitely Record option ensures that the program overrides any other programming scheduled for that date and time.
  2. Click the Set to Record button.

    Result: A confirmation of your recording request displays.


  • Remote DVR Scheduling sets up recordings on one DVR. If your home has more than one Cox DVR, be sure to check which DVR has the scheduled recording after using Remote DVR Scheduling.
  • If you receive an error message, ensure that:
    • Your DVR is plugged in and powered on.
    • Your DVR is not at full capacity (disk full).
    • The program you are trying to schedule has not already ended.
    • The program is on a channel that you can view at home.

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